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Handgemaakte Lederen Etui Groen

  • Handmade
  • Leder
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Volledig met de handgemaakte lederen brillenetui door NNOGI.

Lokaal leder, lokale makelij, handwerk, kwailiteit.

Some reasons to buy handmade:
1. Handmade is good for the environment
Handmade products are great for the environment.  Most of handmade products do not require a large production facility or noisy factories.  Most items are made in small craft studios or people’s own homes.
Handmade is often very local, so it doesn’t travel millions of miles to get to you.
2. Each handmade product is unique
Unlike gifts that are mass-produced, you will often find unique differences in each handmade item, which really makes the product and the purchase very special. Nobody in the whole world will have exactly the same item at home, and that’s pretty unique!
3. Handmade is supporting the local economy
When you buy a handmade gift, you directly support Belgium based artists. And that’s a pretty big deal. The money doesn’t pay for large international bonuses, where the actual maker receives a fraction of the product price, but it goes directly to the person who made your wonderful gift.
But it’s not just about money. Each purchase, gives the artist, the maker, the crafts person a confidence in their product, chance to develop their skills further, opportunity to re-invest the money back to their business and carry on producing beautiful work of art.
4. Handmade withstands the time
Remember those days, when you bought something and it lasted for a very long time? Most handmade items are made to last.  They are made from a material that will withstand the time and the changes are that you are going to keep them for a long time.
5. There is a story behind each product
Each handmade product has it’s story, each handmade shop and the person who created it puts a lot of time and efford in to making something that’s unique, beautifully and made just for you
6. Handmade is made by real people
‘When you buy a handmade gift you know that the maker is passionate about their craft so each gift is made with love. A handmade gift will ALWAYS make the recipient smile’.
7. Handcrafted Products Are Worth More.
A number of experiments have shown that people value an object more highly when they are led to believe it contains an “air of authenticity,” for example, if they were told it was a work of art.




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